Assure Law LEGAL is a new approach to business process outsourcing for legal firms.

Assure Law LEGAL deals with all your accounting and cashier needs with commercial advice from Assure Law – the leading business advisors to the legal profession – all supported by a comprehensive integrated case and practice management system powered by the Osprey Legal Cloud.

With Assure Law LEGAL you can run your business as well as manage and develop your client base, comforted by the knowledge that your day–to-day accounting needs are being dealt with in a professional, secure and fully compliant way.

Assure Law LEGAL gives you monthly reporting to identify key areas for growth and improvement and also provides you with advice from our experienced consultants to help you make the most of the business opportunities available to you.

In addition to dealing with your routine accounting and cashier needs, outsourcing through Assure Law LEGAL provides you with solutions for time recording, billing, practice management, case management and marketing, all accessible from one place.

As a truly cloud based solution Assure Law LEGAL has easy set up and data conversion, with no upfront costs. It can be operational within days and you benefit from the complete transparency of a fixed monthly price. It is completely scalable, grows as you grow and can be used securely from anywhere with internet access.

Why not take a demonstration, or get in touch, to see how Assure Law LEGAL can help you manage your business more efficiently, and effectively, to power your growth.




  • Full outsourced cashiering
  • Comprehensive legal accounts software
  • 24/7 data access - anytime, anywhere
  • Full practice management software access
  • High quality business advice
  • Easy time recording
  • Case management
  • Free training
  • Fixed price
  • Fully compliant
  • Monthly reporting
  • Easy data conversion
  • Simple Billing
  • Free legal forms
  • Web-based
  • Secure data management
  • Software always up to date
  • No support issues
  • Built-in disaster recovery.